Despite the cold weather in Cedar Key this December was as festive as any. The 2017 Boat Parade was cancelled, or should I say, “relocated” due to wind and freezing temperatures. So the competition was to be held on land.

Many fled to the community center for warmth, chili, and a chance to see Santa Clam (minus the airboat). Lit boats were judged outside on their trailers, all but one. The NCBS Redfish stayed home, on the third floor balcony. Thankfully, the judges noticed it still, and NCBS placed 2nd.


NCBS Boat Parade


New Year’s in Cedar Key was an early one. The ball dropped at 9 pm. And when I say “ball” I mean a brightly decorated buoy was held off the second floor downtown by our mayor with a fishing pole… in the rain. If that isn’t a Cedar Key Holiday, I don’t know what is.

Written by: Emily Colson, Nature Coast Biological Station