Happy International Horseshoe Crab Day! June 20, 2020 marks the first ever International Horseshoe Crab Day. To celebrate, we hosted an art contest for people of all ages to celebrate the ancient and incredible horseshoe crab!

We accepted submissions of any kind of art featuring the horseshoe crab. We received many wonderful submissions from around the state. Below are the winners and honorable mentions from each age group. We hope you enjoy these a much as we do.


First Place: Josee Savaria
Adult_Josee_Savaria_Mixed Media-PaperPrint
Second Place: two-way tie
Kelly Jay
Adult(group)_Kelly Jay_Painting
Elizabeth Bonert
Adult_Elizabeth Bonert_Drawing
Third Place: three-way tie
Shelley Geron
Adult_Shelley Geron_Photograph
Skylar Muller
Adult_Skylar Muller_Mixed Media-Wood
Randy Goggin
Adult_Randy Goggin_Poem
Honorable Mentions
Cedar Key Chamber
Adult_Cedar Key Chamber_Mixed Media-PaperSandMetal
Anne Lindgren
Adult_Anne Lindgren_Photography
Alex Bauman
Adult_Alex Bauman_Painting(2)
Tia Chadwick
Adult_Tia Chadwick_Drawing
Leigh Frazier
Adult_Leigh Frazier_Painting
Charlene Weisenborn
Adult_Charlene Weisenborn_Painting


First Place: Arianna Carter
Teen_Arianna Carter_Drawing


First Place: Arianna Sellek
Child_Arianna Sellek_Painting
Second Place: Kierra Green
Child_Kierra Green_Drawing
Third Place: Colt Carroll
Child_Colt Carroll_Drawing
Honorable Mentions
Hotchner Hille
Child_Hotchner Hille_Other-Pastel
Karli Goett
Child_Karli Goett_Drawing
Emma Hille
Child_Emma Hille_Other-Pastel
Horatio Hille
Child_Horatio Hille_Other-Pastel
Laila Brown
Child_Laila Brown_Painting