Graduate Student Dylan S.

Dylan Sinnickson

Dylan grew up in Sands Point, New York where he spent his much of his time fishing and recreating on the Long Island Sound.  For his undergraduate work, he attended Middlebury College and majored in conservation biology where he focused most of his studies on fluvial ecosystems.  Upon graduation, he pursued his master’s degree at the University of Miami.  At UM, he conducted research in collaboration with NOAA on eutrophication of the estuaries in the Gulf of Mexico and how water quality parameters are associated with fish production and community assemblage.  In addition to his independent research, he was also able to participate in hydrographic surveys throughout South Florida along with a monitoring project for juvenile spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) in Florida Bay.  During his time with NOAA in Miami, he was able to observe significant changes in the ecology of Florida Bay following Hurricane Irma, one of which was a significant pulse of recruitment for several fish species.

Dylan is currently pursuing his Ph.D in fisheries and aquatic sciences at the University of Florida.  His research will be focused on building an ecological model for the Cedar Key region that will assess how oyster restoration and freshwater discharge impact commercially and recreationally important fish species in the Big Bend.  He will also attempt to assess the important predator-prey interactions and trophic linkages in response to changing environmental variables.

Shanae Allen

Shanae Allen is a Research Scientist for FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission performing stock assessments for Florida’s marine resources. She received her BS in Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh, not far from her hometown of Altoona, PA. She then earned her MS in Operations Research/Biomath from North Carolina State University. Her previous position was with the University of CA Santa Cruz and the National Marine Fisheries Service assessing Chinook salmon stocks off the west coast. Facets of her research interests include modelling population dynamics for a diverse range of marine species and adequately accounting for uncertainty in estimates of management model inputs. For her PhD project, her goal is to contribute to the field of ecosystem-based fisheries management and to our understanding of system dynamics in the Gulf of Mexico. In particular, she plans to explore methods to infer red tide-induced mortality on reef fishes in the eastern Gulf.

Shanae Allen

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