Emma Pistole, graduate student

Last fall, Emma Pistole started a Master of Science program in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (UF/IFAS School of Forest Resources and Conservation). Since then, her project on the northward expansion of common snook into the Nature Coast has gained a lot of attention and generated excitement among fishing guides, anglers, and scientists. Check out the two videos below showing some highlights from Emma’s exciting work. She just returned from her first trip to the FWRI lab in St. Petersburg where she processed the first round of fin clips to extract the genetic information that will tell us more about these “Pioneer Snook”.

Adult snook sampling video

This video gives great background about the motivation for the project and features UF/IFAS NCBS Director Dr. Mike Allen, UF/IFAS SFRC graduate student Emma Pistole, Hernando County Sea Grant Agent Brittany Hall-Scharf, and fishing guide Capt. Josh Fritz. Emma partnered with Florida Sea Grant so she could work with local fishing guides to collect fin clips from adult snook. Watch to find out more!

Juvenile snook sampling video

In addition to adult snook, Emma is also sampling juveniles so she can get information about relatedness across generations. This kind of information can be used to estimate the number of breeding pairs producing juveniles in the area, among other things. Watch below for a behind the scenes look at how Emma’s samples juvenile pioneer snook in the field and lab!