The historic lighthouse is used as a dormitory and accommodates 26 people in 6 bedrooms. Bedrooms contain bunk beds with mattresses. Facilities here include two kitchens with gas stoves, refrigerators and freezers, sinks, pots, pans, cutlery, china, hot water, table, chairs and storage. There are also two full bathrooms with hot water shower.  All the rooms have electric outlets, lights and fans. There is limited heat and no air-conditioning in this building.



The laboratory is a single structure with 684 sq. ft of internal space.  There is work bench space along the walls, shelves and storage cabinets, a double sink, a central island with eight holding tanks equipped with air and seawater delivery, a bathroom, white board, stools and removable chairs, and air-conditioning. We have limited sampling equipment; groups should confirm equipment availability when making reservations. The laboratory also holds a portion our teaching collection of marine specimens. The remainder of the specimens are held at the University of Florida’s Natural History Museum

Other Supporting Facilities

  • Salt water tank and running seawater system.  The pump and intake for the seawater system are on the dock in the basin.  Water is pumped uphill to a saltwater tank from where it flows through water tables in the laboratory or into outside tanks.
  • Pump house and chlorinator for water supply (drinking water is provided).
  • Three utility sheds used for general storage of supplies.
  • Docks, observation tower (over salt marsh, mangrove, and inlet area), and seawall.
  • Outdoor covered table with holding tanks, running seawater, and wood platform. Two picnic tables.
  • Shop with hardware, tools, plumbing supplies, portable generator, battery charger, pumps, drill press, etc.
  • Covered storage area at end of shop, with limited supply of screening and nets.
  • Generator building with kilo pak and ohan 30 EK propane generators and 55 gal drum lubricant.
  • Solar-powered outdoor lights: ten with battery.
  • Docking facilities at Cedar Key (mainland), supplied with water, electricity and garbage pick-up.