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Field-based Learning for K-12 Students

Our motto is conservation through education. Register your K-12 group for immersion in field lab experiences that use sound science to explore and explain watersheds, estuarine and marine ecology, and the organisms that call the Nature Coast home.

About the Service

The exact cost per program is dependent on the number of program participants and specific program parameters. That cost will be communicated when requesting to register for a program. To initiate the booking process, please complete a request form.

  • Available 4 days per month
  • First come, first serve
  • Cost per program is dependent on the number of program participants and specific program parameters 
  • Lunch not provided

K-3rd Education

4-12th Education


“Thank you for such an amazing & memorable learning experience for our Co-Op! From our littlest students to our biggest they captured their attention, explained and expanded info for their level, and led with enthusiasm and confidence!”

– Explorers Academy Co-Op

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Please note that K-12 trips are only available four days per month and submitting this form does not guarantee your reservation, it is a request for a time slot - we will get back to you within two business days to confirm your reservation or work with you to find another time that works. At that time we may also ask for more information to complete your booking.

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