Living shoreline projects in Cedar Key are helping address coastal erosion and increase community resilience. Read on to learn more about these projects and how you can get involved!


map of daughtry bayou

Below is a timeline describing project coordination activities that took place between 2016 and 2019 for the Airport Rd. and G Street erosion control projects (see map above).

  • Sep 1, 2016

    Hurricane Hermine

    The first hurricane to make landfall in Florida in over 10 years hits Florida's northern Gulf of Mexico coast and slams Cedar Key with almost 10 ft of storm surge. Docks, buildings, and roads were damaged and several sections of shoreline eroded overnight.

    Airport Rd ruined in Hurricane Hermine

  • Sep 19, 2016

    Community Meeting

    UF called a meeting for the community to discuss erosion and decide if they wanted to move forward with more discussion. Overwhelmingly, attendees at that meeting felt more discussion was needed. Read more:

  • Sep 30, 2016

    Grant Proposal and Funding

    Drs. Mark Clark, Savanna Barry, Christine Angelini, and Scott Wasman partnered with the Suwannee River Water Management District to apply for funding for stakeholder workshops and pilot research. The grant titled "Investigating Implementation Techniques, Benefits and Stakeholder Preference of “Living Shorelines” as a means to Stabilize and Ecologically Enhance the Coastline around Daughtry Bayou - Cedar Key, Florida" was selected for funding by the Florida Coastal Management Program.

  • Mar 3, 2017

    Stakeholder Visioning Workshop

    Stakeholders (homeowners, county and city officials, and Cedar Key residents) participated in a Visioning Workshop facilitated by the Natural Resources Leadership Institute. The goal of the workshop was to introduce property owners to various concepts regarding erosion in Cedar Key’s Daughtry Bayou, including the history of erosion, impacts of erosion, and potential ways to mitigate erosion.

    During the Visioning Workshop, attendees:

    • Discussed erosion history in the area and preferences for shoreline uses
    • Learned more about and compared various options for erosion control
    • Narrowed down a range of acceptable project types that promised to preserve the shoreline at G Street and Airport Rd. locations, according to preferred uses.

    Read the workshop summary: Coastal Erosion Project Stakeholder Workshop Letter Aug 2017 (pdf)

  • Oct 27, 2017

    Design Workshops

    Feedback from the Visioning Workshop was incorporated into several draft erosion control project designs. The project team presented these draft designs to stakeholder groups from G Street and Airport Rd. in Oct/Nov 2017. Click on the circles below to view the workshop materials and follow the progress of each project area.

  • Mar 29, 2018

    Wrap-up of Formal Workshop Series

    The final workshop in the formal series focused on customizing project designs and defining how the project team will interact with stakeholders going forward.

    Read the workshop summary (pdf): Wrap-up Workshop Summary 3-29-2018

  • Apr 26, 2018

    Next Steps

    Project team obtained several grants that are funding for permits and living shoreline implementation to make these projects, planned with stakeholder input, a reality.

    Key Dates:

    Apr-Dec 2018: DEP Resilience Planning grant, EPA Gulf of Mexico Program grant, and FWC State Wildlife Grant awarded

    Jan 2019: Stakeholder update meeting (minutes [pdf])

    May 2019: Stakeholder update meeting (minutes [pdf])

    Jun 2019: Permit applications submitted

    Fall 2019-Winter 2020: Permits approved

    Feb 2020: Pre-construction meeting (minutes [pdf])

    Spring 2020: Construction begins

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